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Would Farmers World rank as the top game on Wax?

Nearly $27 million worth of NFT has been exchanged in the last 30 days.

An agricultural simulation game called Farmers World is gradually overtaking all other games as the most well-liked decentralised application (dapp) on the Wax blockchain. 118,207 NFTs were sold for a total trading volume of $26.36 million over the previous 30 days. This indicates that the majority of the currency traded on Wax comes from the farming game.

When we talk about games on the Wax blockchain, Alien Worlds and R-Planet frequently come up. Despite having 899,520 different active wallets each month, Alien Worlds has only generated $934,530 in NFT trading. Since the majority of NFTs are less than $1, most participants simply mine for TLM tokens.

How different is the situation with Farmers World, where there were 25,970,000 NFTs traded for 79,980 unique active wallets, a 90% increase from the previous month? This indicates that each wallet exchanges $324 worth of products on average. That’s a lot more than the $1 average for wallets in Alien Worlds.

In the past 24 hours alone, Farmers World has seen sales of tens of thousands of dollars on DappRadar. For instance, a fishing boat was purchased for $34.830 and a chainsaw was sold for $35.640. In Farmers World, both NFTs help players succeed by providing them with extra resources like WOOD or GOLD, as they require FOOD to fend off forest monsters.

GameFi, “play-to-earn,” and gaming on the blockchain

For many play-to-earn games and blockchain games, there has been increased on-chain activity over the past 30 days. While Axie Infinity’s on-chain activity increased by 27% to 621,000, Alien Worlds’ user count increased by 34% to 899,000. The third- and fourth-placed games on the charts, Splinterlands and Arc8, have expanded more than the other two. The number of users of these dapps increased by 51 percent and 204 percent, respectively, in the last 30 days.

One of the game apps with the fastest growth is Farmers World. Games like CryptoMines, BinaryX, Bomb Crypto, and Valkyrio have all performed well on the Binance Smart Chain. It is obvious that players prefer GameFi, or play-to-earn, games.

Another game that fans of agricultural games can try out is Farming Tales. Players can purchase real goods with the money they earn in this game. So real honey could be obtained by game players who had virtual bee farms. More details on Farming Tales can be found here.

Your Efforts and the results you get

Games that simulate farming have a long history of popularity. This might be as a result of their being just one way to play and get prizes. Players have genuine motivation to return because they sow and watch things flourish. Before being fully online, Farmers World has taken some clever measures to increase player interest.

First, a few drops in August needed players to obtain particular goods in order to safely list upcoming declines and a competitive advantage. The entire operation will come to a close with a ceremonial airdrop on August 30.

Second, every player has a different notion for how to join. The membership card system, which also allows farmers to utilise additional tools and keep track of how many times they’ve attempted to mine, provides them with Farmer Coins. Another intriguing fact is that membership cards can increase farmers’ good fortune, which increases their likelihood of mining additional resources. Additionally, there are 4 distinct membership levels:

– Tier 1: Bronze Member (common)

– Second Tier: Silver Member (uncommon)

– Tier 3: Gold Member (rare)

– Tier 4: Diamond Member (epic)

After joining, a farmer is also able to wear more mining implements. Farmers can typically only use two tools at a time to mine for a certain sort of resource. Depending on the sort of card they utilise, players can wear more tools to aid them in their work.

Farmers World appears to have evolved beyond merely being a game to enjoy and into a means of earning money. Gold membership cards for Atomic Hub are already in high demand and sell for around $50,000 each. These things appear to belong to the early adopters who receive the unique drops. They might be prepared to strike right now if the game expands and more players join.

The sheer number of blockchain games that allow players to earn rewards is also incredibly intriguing. old games like Axie Infinity and Splinter-lands to more recent games like CryptoBlades and Alien Worlds. Each of them has achieved success by fusing elements of games, NFTs, and DeFi.

Script for a Farmer’s World clone

The original NFT farming game, called Farmers World, focuses on farmers, fields, and three game tokens: food, wood, and gold. The ideal pre-made solution that is constructed just like the NFT game Farmer’s World, which operates on the Wax blockchain, is the Farmer’s World clone script.

You can create an app similar to Farmers World using the Farmer’s World Clone Script. Users can select their equipment, use resources, purchase land, and create their own distinctive Farmers World.

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