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Top Zoom Alternatives and Competitors You Should Definitely Check Out

Who thought there would be a time when a person would be able to see the other person on a call? But, this is what technology can do. Technology helped us and made the impossible possible. One such platform that helped us connect virtually with friends, family, and colleagues is Zoom. Zoom is a virtual meeting and conference platform that allows the organizers to connect with colleagues, fellow professionals, friends, and family members in a very hassle-free manner. 

However, if you did not know, there are several other platforms that are far better than Zoom. These platforms allow you to host unforgettable and immersive virtual meetings, conferences, and events. So, to help you all know those platforms, we have compiled a list of top alternatives and competitors you can use instead of Zoom. In some cases, those platforms are far better than Zoom and help you host A1 meetings and events. 


One of the most promising and top competitors of Zoom, Mixhubb is a 3D online event platform that comes with a set of some of the most advanced features. Being a self-managed and customizable platform, it enables the organizers to host some of the most diverse and memorable events. The attendees can manage their events by themselves, that too, from start to finish. Not only this, the customization functionality allows them to design and execute their events however they want them to. This feature allows them to replicate their brand ethos and objectives through their event, expanding the reach of their brand.

Tools like live polls, live chat, screen sharing, recording, etc. make it easy for the organizers to execute their plans in the most coherent way possible. One of the most notable features or advantages that come with this platform is it offers a one-month free trial with it. During that period, you can host an unlimited number of events on Mixhubb. 

Skype Meet Now: 

Skype, a product of Microsoft, and one of the most popular platforms of all, is one of the easiest and most well-designed platforms to allow you to host meetings and conferences. However, Skype Meet Now is a lightweight platform and a direct competitor to Zoom. This platform does not need any installation and allows the organizers to directly create a meeting link, share it with the attendees, and start the meeting. On this platform, you can host meetings for up to 50 people and host unlimited calls. Moreover, it allows you to record your calls, save them, and later use them according to your convenience. You can also blur your background on this platform during the call, and it has its own application. This application allows the attendees to use the platform however they like. 

Google Meet: 

A newer, faster, and definitely more efficient version of Google Hangouts, Google Meet is one of the top preferences of business owners and professionals to conduct official meetings. This virtual meeting platform was designed especially for conferences and meetings. It allows the organizers to create a link and share it with the attendees to join the meeting. A direct competitor to Zoom, Google Meet is a free platform that eliminates all the complications and allows the users to host meetings in the simplest way possible.

On this platform, you can host meetings for up to 100 attendees, where 16 attendees are visible at a time. One of the most impressive features of this platform is that it allows you to create a dial-in. It enables the attendees to join the meeting, even if they are not connected to the internet. It is a secure platform and comes with high-end encryption that makes it completely safe from online threats. Moreover, it also comes with features, such as screen sharing, recording, and live chat. The attendees can join the meeting with the help of a link or can download the app to get the stability in the video call. 


Mikogo is another online conference platform that allows users to host meetings and conferences. It is a direct competitor to Zoom and does not require the attendees to install any additional software to plan the meeting. The organizers can directly sign up in the browser and host the meeting. One of the most notable features of this platform is “Session Scheduler”. This feature allows the organizers to plan and schedule their meetings in advance. Moreover, it has its own iOS and Android applications. This allows the attendees to access the meeting from any device of their choice. Some of the most popular features of this platform include screen sharing, training, and reliable support. It comes in both paid and free versions, which the users can use according to their needs and requirements. 

That’s all from our side; these were our top four Zoom alternatives that you can use to plan and host successful meetings and conferences. All these platforms are efficient and easy to use. You can use them to connect with people in the most seamless and hassle-free manner. 

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