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Tips To Write the Perfect Conclusion for the IELTS Writing Module 

So you wrote the introduction and the rest of the content very well for your IELTS writing module but when it came to the conclusion part you ended your task with just a few basic lines. Now, this is a very common blunder committed by students while attempting IELTS. They pay full attention to the starting and the middle paragraphs. They use a broad range of vocabulary and try to write it perfectly. But when it is time to conclude, they finish the topic with a very haste ending and do not leave the desired impact on the reader.

 Let us assume that you go to a restaurant and enjoy a hearty meal. Now your experience will be incomplete without a delicious dessert. No matter how scrumptious and fulfilling the meal was, if you didn’t get the dessert you’ll surely be left a bit disgruntled. The same is the situation with the conclusion of an article. No matter how skillfully you write your essay, if you fail to end it on a proper note then it will affect your IELTS band score.

There is no doubt in the fact that several students fear the conclusion part a lot. They sometimes have no idea how to wrap up their essay or article. Then several students don’t even realize the importance of a perfect conclusion. They just pick lines from the introduction and end their essay. See you need to understand that these little things go a long way in determining a higher band score. If you feel you require guidance for the same then consider enrolling yourself in IELTS online coaching and take the help of experts to ace your IELTS writing module.

Now let us read some effective tips to write the perfect conclusion for your IELTS writing essays-

Appeal to the emotions

Another effective method to write the perfect conclusion while penning down your essay for the IELTS writing task is to make use of emotions and sentiments. Essays with an emotional appeal impact the minds of the readers in an effective manner. You might have to scratch your head a bit to understand how to write a conclusion with the addition of emotions. But if you manage to do so your chances of getting a good band score will drastically increase. 

Make your conclusion thought-provoking 

If you want to get a good band score in the IELTS writing module of the exam then you should end your conclusion in such a way that it provokes the reader to ponder on it. You have to determine how you want the reader to feel and think once he has finished reading your essay. So there are different methods to do so. So, if you are writing an essay on the environment then you can force the reader to think of effective solutions for the betterment of the environment. You can also end the essay with a warning about the consequences of some ill action. Also, we advise you to make use of powerful quotes to end your essay. The addition of quotes by famous personalities in the conclusion will help leave the desired impact and thus get you a good score in the  IELTS exam.

Talk about the main idea

While concluding your essay you cannot deviate from the primary idea of the essay. So, make sure you talk about the main idea of the essay. An appropriate conclusion brings the reader back to the key idea of the passage. Yes, you can put in an argument or two but try to keep them centered around the main idea of the essay. We advise you to provide a brief summary of all the key ideas of your essay. 

The importance of an effective conclusion is not just limited to the IELTS exam. It is equally important for other language tests too. If you are facing trouble in the writing module of the PTE exam then consider seeking PTE online coaching to clear all your queries. 

No introduction of new information

So, the basic purpose of the conclusion of your IELTS writing essays is to provide a brief summary of what you have written in your essay. Everything in your conclusion should discuss the points mentioned earlier in your essay. You cannot introduce any new point or piece of information in the conclusion. If you realize you have missed writing some points then go back to the main body of the essay and add them there. If you fail to find a suitable place to write it then you should miss the point of your article. But just make sure you don’t introduce that in your conclusion. Also, revise and re-read your conclusion. It will help you spot any error or mistake which might have been missed in the first instance. 

Wrapping it up 

See we fully understand that writing an effective and error-free conclusion can be a big challenge. But you need to realize the importance of writing the conclusion properly. You don’t need to worry much. If you read the above-mentioned tips carefully it will be a cakewalk for you to write that perfect conclusion. Thus you will be able to drastically improve your band score in the IELTS writing module. 

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