Solar Panel Mounting Structure Design

Solar Panel Mounting Structure Design

The top four reasons to consider getting solar panels installed on your roof are to save the environment, to lower your household electricity bills, to generate your own renewable electricity and to protect you home from the risk of a power outage. With solar panels, you will be able to produce clean, renewable electricity without the need for a power grid. However, to do this, you need to mount the solar panels on a stand or structure first. These structures are called solar mounting structures. These structures are made of steel and aluminum that help distribute the weight of the solar panel and make them easier to install. The main purpose of the mounting structure is to arrange the solar panels at a sloping angle to direct collected solar radiation towards a single point. 


The solar panel mounting structure is the most important part of a solar panel installation. It is the foundation that the solar panel is mounted on top of. SSP India is a solar mounting structure manufacturing company that provides an array of services related to the design, development and manufacturing of mounting structures and accessories. We are a leading manufacturer and supplier of mounting structures for all solar power systems in India. Our range of structures includes solar mounting structures for both residential and commercial purposes.


Designing a solar mounting structure is a complex process. The most important factor is to take into consideration the quality of the installation site. You need to consider the type of installation site, the shading of the site, its height, and the climate. The structure must be strong satisfactory to support the weight of the solar panels.


The design of mounting structure for solar panel is mainly determined by the local climate and the required output of the solar modules. A solar mounting structure design should be based on an overall field of view of the solar module, which is defined by the aspect ratio of the solar panel. The main design types are the in-panel design, the end-frame design, and the cross-frame design. The in-panel design is the most common design, which is also the most recommended design for high-output solar modules.

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