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Planning a surprise gift? New ideas on how to surprise your partner.

Husband and wife mutually carry forward the relationship. They are the pillars and the backbone of their marriage. From time to time it is important to show affection and express feelings towards your partner. This way of expression makes a relationship stronger. Appreciating each other is also one way of strengthening the bond. A wife is a person who manages work along with family. She is multitasking and infuses the family with enthusiasm and spirit to live. Without her guidance, the home will become no less than a hostel. Men are always grateful to women for their important role in the family.

It is the husband who plans to surprise his soulmate with many gifts and events. Females love to receive such kind of treatment. They are filled with joy when they receive surprises. Planning to surprise her by ordering a gift then you are at the correct place. If You are confused about what to buy then we will help you with some exclusive surprise gift ideas for your wife. If you are living in Kanpur or your wife lives there, you can send give easily. All thanks to Oye Gifts! By they are working and generous efforts, order and delivery of gifts are possible within 2 to 3 hours. Let us look at some of the ideas:

Diamond gold watch-

You can gift your wife or surprise gift of a watch which has designs in gold colour. This is a perfect gift idea for office going women. The dial of the watch is also of a golden colour. It gives a sophisticated look.

LED photo cushion-

If you want to gift her something that will remind her of you both then you can go for this gift. This gift has the option of uploading your favourite photo which will be printed upon the cushion. It is made in such a way that it contains LED lights fitted inside. When the lights glow, the photograph also glows. This is a perfect gift to surprise her with memories.

The sweet treat-

This contains a basket which has chocolates in it. The basket contains chocolates of different tastes. It also contains dark chocolate. You can gift her this basket and she will enjoy the sweet delicacies. Chocolate lovers will thank you a hundred times for this gift.

The jumbo surprise-

This jumbo size package contains a delicious chocolate cake, along with a bouquet of fresh red roses, a small white teddy, a double-layered bamboo plant, and many chocolates. This gift is full of many cute articles which are a gift in themselves.


Women love to decorate their rooms or terraces with many plants. They have a natural love for gardening. Gifting them plants is one of the best options. You can give your wife a beautiful gift hamper which contains chocolate truffle cake along with a bamboo plant. Either you can go for gifting her Peperomia Green. This looks beautiful. You can also give her a bamboo plant with his decorated KitKat chocolate clubbed together in a form of a pot on the outside of the plant.

Love u Dad

The ravishing gift hamper-

If you want to gift your wife some food items then go for this gift. It contains delicious motichur laddu arranged in a tray along with a big pack of dry fruits which has four sections. Also, this is a company by three-layer bamboo plant with a bowl. This is a small cute gift best for food lovers.

Beauty essentials-

You can give her a combination of products which are used daily. These products are face wash, body lotion, Kajal, moisturizer, etc. These are essentials and a must for every woman. This is one of the best options.

You can surprise her with any gift. She will be glad to receive such a gift along with flowers or cake. The portal has many options which you can explore before ordering. Place an order and become tension free.

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