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Looking for Dedicated Developers for your new Startup?

Over the past few years, we worked with many Startups and Small businesses. Generally, they have a small budget at hand and need to develop the technology to meet their short-term development goals and secure the long-term strategy. They require skilled developers, who would work on the project like it was their own and would be loyal to the company long-term. Despite the common view, many startups decide to initially outsource IT to a development team in an offshore center, because it operates within a large talent pool and not only brings expertise in allocating the right talent for specific tasks but also shares accumulated in-house knowledge of best practices, which can help startups move in the most efficient way. Considering this, we started offering very low-cost dedicated developers packages helpful for startups and SMB. Techspawn Solutions offers Dedicated Developers to these startups and SMB at a very low cost or for equity. We have a team of expert, talented and dedicated developers who work for ONLY one client at a time on one or more projects. This means that if you, as a client, have been assigned a developer then that developer will not work for any other client until your project is completed; thus making him/her your virtual employee. We can provide you with an individual developer or a dedicated team of developers/software programmers /designers or a combination of resources with different skill sets, to work exclusively on your project(s). Here is how it works ● In this model, we provide a dedicated developer who would work exclusively on your projects on a contract basis. ● You pay reasonable fixed monthly fees and get the job done without hassles, renegotiations, feature counts, or budget overruns. ● This is more like owning your own offshore subsidiary. Our management team becomes your back-end partner. You will be managing and instructing your dedicated developer. ● You can start at any time, stop at any time, add more developers, or even remove/replace a developer. ● If you have an idea/concept for a software or web application and want developers who are proactive and can execute your project then we invite you to hire our dedicated developers to work on your IT projects from our office. The model enables startups to directly manage, instruct and monitor dedicated developer(s) with low cost or equity. Startups are the sort of enterprises that have to strike while the iron is hot because the competition is fierce and your moment to shine will not last forever. Our dedicated developer’s service enables startups to have a working, complex product in a few months, with the help of a dedicated team of two or three people. Which helps them to raise money or to start getting paying customers quickly. Feel free to contact us or drop us a note for any help or assistance.

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