Know about Rockspace AC750 extender login manual

To log in to your Rockspace extender login page, you must connect to the Rockspace network. Then you can access the login page on the domain rockspace_ext. But in case you did not connect to the Wi-Fi network, you would not be able to access the login page. The advantage of the https://ap.setup page is in accessing the extender login page. It is not required to find out the default gateway address of your Rockspace AC750 range extender. Instead, you have to visit the Rockspace wifi extender web page through a web browser. 

Rockspace WIFI extender access via a web browser

  1. Open the browser that you have installed in your configuring device.
  2. Go to the address line of the browser and type re.rockspace.local. And then, press the enter key.
  3. A login page with the branding of your Rockspace Wi-Fi extender will appear on the screen.
  4. After that, you have to enter the login username and password for the admin panel of your Rockspace AC750 Router.
  5. Admin is the most commonly used default username and password for all Rockspace WIFI routers.
  6. Use the login credentials in lowercase as they are case-sensitive. Hit the enter key, and log in to the web interface page of your Rockspace AC750 range extender.

Unable to access the login page in my Rockspace ac750 setup device

Method 1: –

Try to access your Rockspace AC750 extender’s login page through the DNS server. You can also use or To login in place of Rockspace wifi extender access URL.

NOTE: – Your Rockspace extender should be directly connected to your PC or laptop via an Ethernet cable before accessing the https://ap.setup page.

Method 2: –

If you are using Mozilla Firefox, then use Google Chrome. If you are using Microsoft Edge, use Google Chrome, etc. In short, access the Rockspace Wi-Fi extender using a different web browser other than what you have. It is because your current web browser might have cached this page by accident. And that is why you cannot access the Rockspace Wi-Fi login page of your range extender.

Method 3: –

To access your web interface without any trouble, use the Rockspace RS WIFI app and manage the way you want. You can download the app from the play store of your device. Enable the Rockspace RS WIFI app and find your device from the given device list. After selecting the device, you can manage it in your way. 

Method 4: –

Does your router Rockspace AC750 extender connect to multiple networks simultaneously, like VPN, wired, and wireless? Then it is better that you disable all other internet connections leaving the wired connection to your Rockspace Wi-Fi extender. Multiple connections can overlap with one other. And then, create hurdles on the access way of rockspace_ext addresses. 

Method 5: –

Disable all your firewall and antivirus software momentarily, and try again. These applications can block the Rockspace ap.setuprockspace_ext access you access the configurations of your Rockspace AC750 extender.

Method 6: –

Rebooting your Rockspace Wi-Fi extender, modem, and computer can resolve the problem in most cases. Reboot or power off your desktops, laptops, computers, and mobile devices for at least a few minutes to access the https://ap.setup page. After that, turn them on one by one. And then connect to the power source. Then try to access the Rockspace Wi-Fi extender setup page.

Method 7: –

After performing all the above steps, are you still unable to access the Rockspace Wi-Fi extender login page? In this case, you can reset your Rockspace AC750 extender to its factory default configurations. Take a paper clip and press the reset button on your range extender. After that, your range extender will acquire its entire default settings and configurations. 

Method 8: –

Update the firmware of your range extender. Sometimes the old firmware can create problems accessing the rockspace_ext page. Go to the official website of Rockspace and search for the firmware update for your extender. If you found an update, download and update the firmware by following on-screen instructions.

Update the Firmware of Rockspace extender ac750 setup device

The software of your range extender often contains bugs and some security vulnerabilities. That is why it is essential to update the firmware of your range extender. You can even enable the “Automatic Firmware Update” Option to keep your Rockspace AC750 Router UP-TO-DATE. Let us learn the manual method to update the firmware of your router.

Rockspace – Manual firmware update guide

  1. Use your computer’s web browser to surf rockspace_ext or through the Addy of this web browser.
  2. Go to the support site of Rockspace and click on Download Center.
  3. Scroll down to the download centre and for the exact model number of your Rockspace AC750 Router. 
  4. Click on the appeared model number (Rockspace AC750 Router) to open its download page.
  5. The next page will ask you to click on Firmware Update, and look for the date of publishing to get the latest firmware for your router.
  6. Now, you should carefully examine the name or your router’s model number to download the correct firmware file. 

For example: –

  • Rockspace AC750 is the model number
  • The US is your operating region.
  • V3 is the latest released firmware version.
  • 210105 is the date of publishing in YYMMDD Format.

You need to ensure that the model name, region, and version match the printed label on your Rockspace AC750 Router. Once you get the confirmation on login details, click the firmware version to download the file on your device. Unzip and save the file on your desktop. Then log in to your Rockspace extender. And then, visit System Tools. From here, go to the firmware upgrade or firmware>Click the upgrade option and drag the saved file from the desktop. As the firmware update completes, your router will reboot and will restart. 

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