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Kasol Kheerganga Trek | Weekend Getaways near Delhi


Take a weekend trip to the KheerGanga trek in Kasol and reboot yourself for a week at the weekend when you feel bored enough and you will have enough time to flourish the nature and Escape the reality you must go to the KheerGanga trek in Kasol it’s a beautiful place to visit and if you love tracking it is the best place to be in let’s go deep in it what should you do to have a perfect time there.

Best for the first time Hikers 

If You Are doing the first time hiking with you and your friends KheerGanga trek is the best place to have your first experience while tracking it is a 13 km long track and it is best for beginners You will have a beautiful experience there and it is not very costly so the first time if you are going with you and your friends and have a glimpse of tracking with a beautiful view

Admire lush Fields 

When you go there in tracking you are seeing MT area with full of glasses and seeing mountains just like in the movies you see and you go there and sit with you you feel like heaven when you’re working too hard in our populated city and you want peace the best place to be in it

Visit Hidden Village 

It is the oldest village in the Himalayas go there and have a glimpse of Himalayan culture with pleasant weather and the best part is it is the way on the track so don’t need to take a time and go in the other direction it is way on the track so you can have a view

How to reach from Delhi to Kasol

So the best thing is to do is take a bus plenty of people go by bus but you have your car so you can go by your car too but the best thing you can do is to book a ride from Delhi to Kasol it was the best for trip 

Best time

So when it comes to timing the best timing will be May June September and October but you can plan yourself according to yourself whenever you go to that place it’s floor show my net any time but the best time is May June September and October and you will see many people we are going on this time so you can make a lot of friends

Kara Ganga track difficulty level

As I said earlier it has no difficulty even the kid’s score for tracking is 2960 m above the sea level it is the best for Beginners tracking

Start/End Point: Barshaini

Start Time/End Time of Trip: 09:00 AM Day 1 and around 12:00 PM Day 2

Kheerganga Trek Height: 9600 ft.

Best Time to Go: Throughout the Year

Temperature Range:  Day: 8°C to 15°C; and Night: 0°C to 3°C

Kheerganga Trekking Distance: 14 KM

ATM: Last ATM is in Kasol

Trekking Gradient: Easy

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