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Diabetic Mothers & Their Pregnancy Complications

Pregnancy in diabetic patients is possible but complicated. Managing your blood sugar levels is definitely not a cakewalk, especially when you are dealing with hormonal changes. Unmanaged diabetes can pose health risks for mother and baby.

For instance, the organs of a baby start to form in the first few weeks of pregnancy. So, there is a risk of birth defects in the baby if the mother fails to manage the blood sugar levels throughout her pregnancy. That’s why identifying the symptoms of diabetes and controlling them are really important for the woman and child.

If you are struggling with diabetes during pregnancy, visit the diabetes center in Navi Mumbai to get a detailed plan for controlling your blood sugar levels. In the meantime, we will show you the pregnancy complications that might arise from uncontrolled diabetes.

Complications in Babies and Mother

A few common complications reported in babies born to diabetic mothers include breathing difficulty, low blood sugar at the time of birth, and jaundice. Other complications include:

      A Large Baby: There is a risk of high blood sugar in the baby, due to which the baby is overfed and it increases their weight. The excess weight of the baby not only causes problems during the delivery, but it makes the last few months of pregnancy super difficult for the mother.

      Preterm Birth: The large size of the baby also increases the risk of pre-term birth. And, babies born before the due date are more prone to birth defects, vision problems, heart issues, and other health issues.

      Type 2 Diabetes: Gestational diabetes in mothers can pose risk to the baby’s health. There’s a chance the baby might not survive after delivery if the mother suffered from gestational diabetes. Besides, it increases their risk of getting type 2 diabetes later in life.

      Miscarriage: A woman with uncontrolled diabetes is at higher risk of miscarriage and stillbirths than those with normal blood sugar levels.

      Difficulty in Delivery: Due to the large size of the baby, the last months of pregnancy and delivery can be super challenging for the mother. A c-section is needed if the baby weighs more than the ideal weight. In fact, in most cases, the doctors recommend cesarean to prevent the risk of shoulder dystocia.

      Preeclampsia: Women with type 1 and 2 diabetes during pregnancy are also at higher risk of developing hypertension. The hormonal changes combined with the poor diabetes control management plan can increase your risk of high blood pressure.

How to Manage Diabetes During Pregnancy?

It is best to visit the diabetes and obesity management clinic In Vashi to get a proper diabetes management plan from a specialist. A few things that can help are:

      Monitoring your blood sugar levels regularly

      Following a healthy and balanced diet plan

      Taking your medications on time and as prescribed

      Exercising regularly

      Living a healthy and active lifestyle

Smoking, drinking, and other unhealthy habits are strictly prohibited for pregnant women, especially those suffering from diabetes and other health complications.



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