CLAT 2023 aims to assess the candidate’s aptitude to be a lawyer. Either you have a facility for a particular activity, or you have developed a skill. Practice is the only way to build your aptitude. Therefore, persistent efforts and regular practices are essential aspects of CLAT exam preparations. One of the best to prepare is by taking standard mock tests and practising CLAT sample papers 2023.

CLAT sample papers 2023 are essential to the CLAT aspirants. The Consortium acknowledges the importance of CLAT sample papers 2023. Therefore it will be releasing sample papers for the candidates to practise with.

CLAT Sample Paper 2023: Timeline

The Consortium released the official notification of CLAT 2023 recently. The CLAT 2023 official notification included details about the CLAT eligibility criteria, CLAT exam pattern, CLAT general instructions and much more. Along with that, a timeline for releasing CLAT sample papers has been given.

According to the timeline, 3 sets of CLAT sample papers will be released by the Consortium of NLUs. 

Sample Question Set NumberRelease Date
Release of First Sample Question SetSeptember 2022
Release of Second Sample Question Set14 October 2022
Release of Third Sample Question SetOctober 2022

These CLAT sample papers will follow the CLAT’s latest exam pattern. The candidates can rely on these sample papers as they are released by the Consortium, the conducting body of the CLAT 2023 exam.

The official website of CLAT 2023 has CLAT sample paper 2023. Candidates can get the CLAT sample paper 2023 on a device with internet connectivity. All the CLAT aspirants can assess them.

Free CLAT Sample Paper 2023

Apart from the set of CLAT sample papers that the Consortium would release, there are some reliable sources from where you can get online free CLAT sample paper 2023. One such reliable source is HitBullsEye’s CLAT sample papers. They have put out 5 full-length tests per the latest CLAT exam pattern. These sample papers are reliable as CLAT experts have curated them. In addition to the ones released by the Consortium, the candidates can practise with this set of sample papers.

Apart from these 5 full-length tests, HitBullsEye also offers free downloading of an ebook that contains CLAT sample papers. The book has also been put into place by CLAT experts. The candidates can download the ebook from their official website, or to download the ebook directly, click here

Best CLAT sample papers 2023

The Sample papers available on the Consortium’s website are open to all. So to avail yourself of exclusive access to the best CLAT sample papers 2023, you can enrol for HitBullEye’s CLAT/Law ’23 Study Pack. The study pack has more than 110 complete-length tests. The more the number of tests, the more you can practise. More practice will increase your chances of getting into a good law school. 

The study pack also offers more than 450 sectional/topic-wise tests, 140+ assignments, 30+ ebooks and concept videos. The pack has enough resources for the candidate to prepare for CLAT 2023. The salient features of the CLAT/Law ’23 Study Pack will surely help the aspirants to prepare better for CLAT 2023. You can get complete details about the pack from their official website or click here

With all this material out there, the aspirants indeed have a lot of sample papers to practise with. But an obvious question arises, why do we need CLAT sample papers? Why are they so important? 

Importance of solving CLAT sample papers 2023

CLAT is one of the top Law entrance exams in the country. Therefore it is a very competitive exam. It demands dedication and rigorous practice. The sample papers surely help with giving exercise to the candidates. However, there are other benefits of it.

  1. Sample tests are a copy of the actual CLAT exam. Therefore, it can provide a fair idea about the exam, even before seating for the real exam. 
  2. It helps with practice and preparations. 
  3. You can test the effectiveness of your learning strategies by solving sample papers. If the plan does not fetch good results, you get the opportunity and time to make the needed modifications. Therefore, it is advised to practise CLAT sample papers regularly and not just at the end of the completion of the syllabus.
  4. CLAT sample papers 2023 will also help you assess your progress in preparations for CLAT 2023. Regular sample test analysis will help you gain insights into whether or not your preparation graph is going up.
  5. By analysing CLAT sample papers 2023, you can identify areas of strength and weakness. The identification will help you devise an effective study plan.
  6. Through practice, your speed and accuracy are more likely to increase. Speed and accuracy are two desirable skills for acing CLAT 2023 exam.
  7. Since the CLAT 2023 exam will include all the questions in the form of reading passages, the candidates need to refine their reading skills. Your reading skills would improve with all the reading you would indulge in while practising the CLAT sample papers. It will surely help during the actual CLAT 2023 exam.

With all these benefits, it’s hard to overlook the importance of CLAT sample papers 2023. The candidates must include CLAT sample papers and CLAT mock tests in their study plans. Appropriate preparation resources and hard work will increase your chances of getting a good CLAT score. Have faith in yourself and keep going!

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