Flutter vs. React Native Which Should You Use for Your Next App
Business Technology

Flutter vs. React Native: Which Should You Select?

Building an app for both Android and iOS is prohibitively expensive for many businesses. Thus, the concept of developing cross-platform mobile applications emerged. They are less expensive to develop and perform similarly to actual native programs. However, before beginning the development of a mobile application, you must select a technology stack. Currently, there are two […]

Sales Commission System

Sales Commission System: 11 Types of Sales Commission Plans

Extrinsically motivated salespeople make up the great majority of salespeople. As a result, your sales commission system is critical to attracting, maintaining, and motivating your sales representatives. This is more critical than ever as we continue to experience a labor shortage. However, there is no one-size-fits-all solution for compensating your representatives. Different types of pay […]


What is a field service technician?

INTRODUCTION: WHAT IS A FIELD SERVICE TECHNICIAN? A Field Service Technician is a skilled technician who works in the service department of a car dealership or auto repair shop. These technicians are responsible for performing repairs on vehicles and ensuring that the dealership is running smoothly. They may also be required to perform other tasks, […]