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Do Bananas Help Erectile Dysfunction? – Bananas Natural Health

If you search impotence in blogs, you may seemingly find info on bananas everywhere. 

There’s little doubt that intake of fruits and vegetables contributes to overall health. However, is there something distinctive in bananas that improve a repeated case of erectile problems?

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 To search, we’ll break down the nutritional price of bananas and what you’re consuming. 

Then, we highlight many elements which will work entirely on your erections. Finally, you will conjointly browse a few extra advantages of bananas. 

Nutritionary value of bananas 

Bananas aren’t solely delicious. They’re conjointly healthy and contain several essential nutrients. There’s a slight variation between different kinds of bananas. However, the foremost common is the Henry Cavendish type. It’s inexperienced at first, so the ripe banana will look yellow with black patches. 

If you eat one medium-sized Cavendish banana, you may get close to 23 grams of carbohydrates, 2.6 grams of fibre, and alittle concentration of fatty acids and protein. You get 89 calories total for every medium banana alongside alternative nutrients: 

Up to 8% of your daily demand for metal 

Around 8% of the daily recommendation of Mg 

10% of your suggested intake of antioxidant 

Up to 31% of the daily recommended intake of B 

Besides essential vitamins and minerals, it’s a plethora of bioactive ingredients, particularly flavonoids, which give antioxidants and alternative healthy substances to the human body. 

Bananas conjointly contain the organic compound tryptophan. This one may be a precursor of the neurochemical dopamine, the feel-good hormone. Best Meds For treating ED: Cenforce 100 and Cenforce 200

Moreover, bananas have their enzymes, as well as maltase and amylase. They will assist you in digesting many nutrients, especially once combined with oats and alternative advanced carbs. 

Do bananas facilitate erectile dysfunction?

If you examine it elsewhere, regular journal articles tell you bananas contain bromelain. And then, that bromelain will increase physical attraction in men. However, that’s a story you may solely realize on the internet, and there’s not one piece of scientific proof backing up this claim. 

Moreover, bananas are proverbial to own amino acid enzyme inhibitors and inhibit bromelain, papain, fiction, and other enzymes within the gut. So, the ordinarily expressed incontrovertible fact that bananas contain bromelain is fake and a myth. Would that mean that bananas are useless against impotence? 

Not necessarily. As a region of healthy intake of fruits and vegetables, bananas can do a great deal for you. As you’ve seen above, it contains antioxidants, flavonoids, tryptophan, potassium, and B vitamins. 


Antioxidants scale back aerophilous stress within the body and the phallus, and they will defend your penis blood vessels from atherosclerosis. Antioxidants forestall a fat plaque from apace forming. Thus, your erectile organ blood flow remains intact, and that’s one reason behind erectile dysfunction we can cross out. 

Flavonoid one of the explanations why we suggest an intake of fruits and vegetables is thanks to their flavonoid content. Bananas are counted in, and studies show that the more flavonoids you consume, the lower your likelihood is of obtaining Erectile Dysfunction. 

Essential amino acid

The essential amino acid may be a dopamine precursor, and this internal secretion isn’t simply necessary to maintain a healthy mood. 

Throughout the sexual function, it conjointly mediates the erectile response. In alternative words, it helps your brain cause the signals to cause an erection. Thus, eating tryptophan-rich foods crosses out another potential reason behind erectile dysfunction. 


individuals usually eat bananas to extend their metal intake as a result of its associate} lot. This mineral is essential to maintain your blood flow and regulate blood pressure. 

It keeps the water balance within and out of doors the cells. Throughout an erection, potassium is needed in giant quantities inside the corpus cavernosum, and it’s taken in by ion pumps that typically become compromised as we age. 

B Vitamins

B Vitamins Sometimes, impotence doesn’t even reply to Viagra and alternative PDE5 inhibitors. That’s because patients have a metabolic drawback meddling with erections. 

In such cases, folic acid and B will solve the matter and facilitate them accomplishing an erection. These nutrients are each found in bananas. 

For all of the above, we tend to can’t say bananas can cure erection problems. However, they may help if you mix them with healthy nutrition and exercise.

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