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What are Ovarian Cysts? Causes & Treatment|Explain By Dr.Sujata Rathod

Women have two ovaries, which are part of their reproductive systems and responsible for producing reproductive hormones—estrogen and progesterone. Each woman gets a fluid-filled sac within the membrane of the ovary at some point. These are usually the painless cysts that go away on their own without causing any harm to your ovaries or reproductive […]

Health & Fitness

Anxious and Forgetful after Menopause? Low Estrogen May Be to Blame

Anxiousness and memory loss are two of the common occurrences before menopause. Mild memory loss problems are pretty common, and they occur because of the low estrogen production in your body. These are mostly the temporary issues that indicate the onset of menopause. The anxiety, temporary forgetfulness, and other premenopausal symptoms go away after you […]