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Are You Still Dependent On Pantry Food In Train Journey?

The train’s pantry couches are there prior to COVID that provide Food Delivery in Train to the passengers.  The passenger can order food from these couches. However, they prepared cuisine based on their preferences. You must therefore consume the food that is provided by pantry cars. You need to give up some of your preferences. Additionally, the food kept in pantry cabinets is unclean and unsafe to consume.

However, you now have a variety of food options thanks to the internet food on trains. Both pantry trains and non pantry trains allow you to order meals of your choice from various eateries. The food you obtain from various eateries is hygienic and safe. because the food safety agency has certified these businesses. Therefore, the food is both fresh and completely safe. Therefore, you are no longer required to eat food from the railway pantry as well as cold, unhealthy food sold by local vendors.

If not through the pantry then how to order food on the train?

With the new Food On Train online system, the food area provides a large selection of high-quality, hygienic food items. You can use this to get hot, delicious meals delivered to your seat. This system is far superior to the outdated railway system and delivers delicious and healthful cuisine. When you travel in a team with family, friends, or coworkers, having a variety of food alternatives can make the trip more fun and exciting. As a result, there is no longer any compulsion to carry additional bags or food.

You can get meals on the train via a variety of websites and applications that have partnered with IRCTC, or you can place orders directly from the IRCTC website. I’ll explain how to order meals in the section below, as well as some websites and apps from which you can do so. More than 400 stations and 7,000 trains currently use these apps.

Steps to order food online in the train 

It is now easier to get food delivery in train through online websites and have it delivered to your railway seat. Just carry out these actions.

1: To place an order for food, you must go to the website of your choice.

Later on in this essay, I’ll tell you about a website that offers food delivery online.

2: The PNR number option can be seen there.

In that column, enter your 10-digit PNR number.

3: Next, you’ll see a variety of stations and dining selections. Choose the restaurant and delivery service of your choosing.

4: After deciding on a restaurant, you must choose a dish from the menu.

5: The payment page will now appear, allowing you to choose whether to pay online or with cash on delivery.

Following these procedures, your order will be confirmed. A confirmation message will be sent to you.

Just look at how simple it is!

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Some top brands that also deliver food on train 

Now that brands have joined the Indian Railway, the best and most delicious foods are served. such as Domino’s, Haldiram’s, Biryani Blue, Subway, and numerous others. By going to the IRCTC’s official website, you can place a food order with them. Here, I’ll walk you through the process of ordering food online in train from these or any other highly regarded eateries.

when you go to the IRCTC’s official website or any other website. 

The PNR number option will be visible. A 10-digit PNR number must be entered there.

You will also see the Train number choice next to that. There, enter the train’s number.

The page with the various stations will now appear. choosing the delivery location.

Pick your preferred restaurant. Then your preferred food.

After that, you must pay. You are free to choose between COD and online payment.

Then wait for your hot and fresh food on your seat. 

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Do you get food delivered at every station?

No, you cannot get Food Delivery in Train for every station on your train trip because it is only accessible at a few stops that may be on your itinerary. There are currently more than 450 stations that offer food services online. like the stations in Delhi, Ambala Cantt, Jalandhar Junction, Ludhiana Junction, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Telangana, Chandigarh, and Jaipur, among many more. At any of these stations, you can place a food order and have it delivered.

Additionally, if your train passes through Amritsar station, you can order a dish that is famous in that city or state, such as Amritsari kulcha. Similar to this, you may order the renowned Hyderabadi biryani at the Hyderabad station as well as many other well-known meals like Punjabi food at the Ludhiana, Jalandhar, and Pathankot stations. This is how you can sample a range of foods while remaining seated at your desk.

So there is no longer a concern about eating while riding the train. Along with great and delectable meals, you can enjoy your trip. Additionally, there is no longer any bad food. Simply savor the excellent and nutritious cuisine provided by the train’s online dining service. Those who have any issues with spicy food and have health issues can also order customized food or simple food according to their diet plan. 

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